My name is Elly. The first thing you should know about me is that I’m terrible at writing bios, so instead of a paragraph describing the quest that lead me to blogging, here is a brief list of facts about me:

french style: styling berets [www.whatkumquat.com]
-I’m my own 11th like on Instagram

-I am a firm believer that fashion doesn’t have to be serious

-I am also a firm believer in long romantic walks to the fridge

-I currently work in digital journalism in New Yawk Ci-tay (a part of me died writing that)

-I’m half Greek and half American and will likely not let you forget that anytime soon

-When I was born, I was a baby

-I worship at the Church of Meryl Streep

-I don’t trust people who don’t eat cheese

About WhatKumquat |www.whatkumquat.com

Best described by the critics/my mother as an unsuccessful “fashion” blog. Though the day I publish a post solely comprised of 5 brightly-coloured photos of me taken from slightly different angles, affiliate links directing you to where to buy each piece, and a single sentence on the weather/my passion for pink is the day you can alert Liam Neeson and send out a search party, because I have been taken and WhatKumquat is experiencing a hostile takeover.

Also! WhatKumquat is not a database for small orange citrus fruits. I don’t even fucking like kumquats. There is of course a story behind the name (“WhatKumquat” is something that suddenly materializes out of thin air) but it’s long and embarrassing and maybe one day I’ll write about it but until then, let’s keep the mystery alive.

Stick around for what are hopefully coherent ramblings on fashion, culture, and The Bachelor. And also the occasional recipe, because I like to eat and in my next life would like to come back as Ina Garten.

Wanna get in touch? Contact me here.



  1. I LOVE your BOLD style!

  2. allisonarnone

    i heart you.


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