A Working Theory: Men Have the Best Coats

There I was, perusing Instagram and minding my own business when a cotton candy-colored coat came out of nowhere to ruin my day.

The coat in question, a mint-hued confection from Paris-based brand Ami, was paraded down the runway at men’s fashion week. It was oversized, indicating its capacity to both welcome layering and hide the snacks I strategically tape to my torso for emergencies. It was tailored with a strong collar, so that I could fulfill my fantasies of being a businesswoman who power lunches.  And it was a gorgeous pale mint, a color I aspire to don exclusively once I track down my once-great tan. It was, in short, perfection.

Ami Menswear AW19

Ami pioneered its “menswear for women” line this time last year, and the coat is part of the brand’s latest iteration of the idea. And while something like a coat is arguably the easiest item to declare unisex, the fact that it was shown during AW19 Menswear shows made it stand out in my mind—not least because it wasn’t the only noteworthy piece of outerwear shown.

Consider this pale pink situation, also from Ami:

Ami Menswear AW19

Or this olive green velvet-like coat from Rochas, which sweeps just past knee-length and looks like something a When Harry Met Sally-era Meg Ryan would wear (making me want it all the more):

Rochas Menswear AW19

Or Stella McCartney’s serious-business camel peacoat; which should be permanently buttoned all the way up to exude peak Inspector Gadget vibes. Also, it’s eco-friendly!:

Stella McCartney Menswear AW19

Or this set of perfect Jacquemus suits—which may not be outerwear per se, but are possibly the only thing that could distract from the models’ Le Tigre-esque glares:

Jacquemus Menswear AW19

Or this maroon vinyl Hermès jacket, which Mariah Carey’s minimalist side has already commandeered and which I have been looking for in various vintage shops and womenswear stores for precisely two years, to no avail:

Hermes Menswear AW19

This is my formal declaration that from here on out, I will be sourcing all future coats from the boys. Defined waists and muppet-haired bomber jackets are very much 2018.


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