RIP to the Humble Culotte

How to style culottes in the winter | How to style culottes in the winter |

The lifespan of a trend is as unpredictable as the President’s twitter account. Often nonsensical, constantly contradictory, and occasionally dependent on the weather. Remember the wedge sneaker? Of course you do, because it was literally everywhere for about a year before disappearing into thin air, never to be heard from again, much like Gordo from Lizzie McGuire.

How to style culottes in the winter |

I spent a solid few years in fierce contention with the culotte trend, probably stemming from the fact that I had conflated the trendy trouser with the elastic gaucho pants of the mid-2000s. I loathed these demi-pants, which were somewhere between sweatpants and bermuda shorts and symbolized everything I hated about middle school fashion.

True to character, it took a few seasons before the novelty of culottes wore off on real fashion people and I started to get interested. This always happens. I am a late adaptor of literally everything. I’ve only recently come around to quinoa. I expect by the time I’m as into it as everyone else is, Gwyneth Paltrow will have invented a new grain and quinoa will become a junk food or something.

How to style culottes in the winter | How to style culottes in the winter |

So it’s only fitting that in the twilight of the culotte era, I find myself most drawn to them. They’re being replaced by the high-waisted wide leg long trouser, which I have no gripes about and actually prefer, but I recently came into a pair of over the knee sock boots with the perfect-length heel and I really like layering them with a shorter hem.

How to style culottes in the winter |

Exhibit A: These striped culottes, which are my favourite pair that I own.

They’re coincidentally also the only pair that I own, but that’s neither here nor there.
How to style culottes in the winter | whatkumquat.comHow to style culottes in the winter | whatkumquat.comHow to style culottes in the winter |

Given the already slightly middle-age-Upper-East-Side-mother-of-two vibe this ensemble is giving off (c/o the turtleneck, I’m sure) I thought I’d make it a little younger with one of the biggest hair trends du jour, the thick black headband. Not as dramatic as the Tom Ford AW18 ones—my forehead is already too small—but just enough to tie in the black elsewhere. Plus, the best clip-on earrings this side of a retirement home.

How to style culottes in the winter | How to style culottes in the winter |

Oh! And here’s a pic of me staring angrily at a wall, as though it were a vegan burger or gaucho pant, for posterity:

How to style culottes in the winter |


  1. I love how you styled these culottes! This is such a great outfit 🙂

  2. What a chic and classy way to wear culottes! I smiled at the gauchos line in this post- the culottes trends reminds me a bit of gaucho pants too! 🙂

    xoxo A

  3. Oh I adore this outfit! I never thought to wear culottes with tall boots!! What a great way to work a warm weather piece into winter!

  4. Haha i loveeee your writing! You need to be a fashion commentator or something. And you look gorgeous as always!

  5. honestly, the simplicity yet unique outfits you showcase always managed to surprise me! you are definitely one of the few people who i know that can pull off this pant trend haha

  6. You’re rocking these! And your pictures look straight out of an issue of Vogue

  7. Loved the styling and the writing! It’s super cute

  8. I love your writing style; you had me laughing throughout the entire post! You pull off this outfit so well, I especially love the baby blue top.

  9. They look so good with those boots! Also loving the color of your top!

  10. This is so cute! I especially love the color of your top!
    Also LOLing at your comments in this post!

  11. Those pants are fantastic!! Love how they look with the boots

  12. These pants are so fun!! I love how they give a kind of retro vibe!

    The Classic Brunette

  13. I just love your voice in your posts, it makes them so enjoyable to read! I love the stripes on the culottes though. I, too, took an incredibly long time to come around to the culotte trend and I think I might have missed the train on this one… But they look adorable on you!

    Logan |


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