The Fashion Sheep

fashion sheep

“What is that person wearing?” says one oversized-sunglasses wearing editor to the next, motioning to the peacock in the lime green button down with shoulder pads.

“I’m not sure,” sniggers the second editor. “K-Mart haute couture?”

Hours later, a lime green PVC short sleeved button down with shoulder pads struts its way down the Balenciaga runway.

“Ob-sessed,” whispers the first editor, while two rows in front, an Instagram sensation live-streams the whole thing. The second nods in agreement, enveloped in a trance of awe.

“Gvasalia once more pushes the envelope of creativity,” shouts the magazine write-up, “redefining what femininity means in the modern epoch.”

Outside the second show, street style photographers struggle to choose which of the 25 crisp white blouses is the most prolific.

“Hiiii babe.” An immaculately manicured woman—whose fur (faux, of course) overcoat is so well-preserved it may as well have come from a hermetically-sealed vault—air-kisses the similarly well-groomed lady in a red blazer. “You look SO fab. We must catch up, it’s been absolute ages!”

“Def! I’m about to go in, but come find me. You can’t miss me!” says woman number two, as she runs inside to find her seat among the sea of red suits.





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