Wears Mini Skirt, Has Identity Crisis

Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]

A brief haiku I made in honour of this outfit:

Where has my skirt gone?
Will I ever dress my age?
Questions that haunt me

Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]

Generally speaking, I am a person of extremes. I eat the whole pizza or none at all, because half-assing your carb intake is for quitters and Gwyneth Paltrow. I either dress like I’m a pilgrim going on sabbatical to Mormon Utah or like a 15-year-old who just bought her first push up bra and won’t stop wearing it, even to gym class. There is no in-between. I predict that someday, this habit of mine might come up in therapy.

That said, here is a curious example of what I think the locals refer to as “balance”. Party on the bottom, 1980s business man on the top.

Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]

This offensively short skirt is something I panic-bought a few years ago when I was in need of a purple garment and, given the fact that I’m not in 6th grade and/or Barney, couldn’t find anything in my closet. I never wore it, and it ended up shoved in the back of my wardrobe; forgotten, like Ashley Tisdale.

Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]

When it resurfaced a few months ago I deduced it was fate and decided to figure out how to wear the skirt, if only because I’d already paid for it and my good Greek mother instilled buyer’s guilt in me from a young age. A short skirt demands something positively Amish for one’s upper region, so I wore a dark grey turtleneck (trying something new here!) and a grey-and-black checkered blazer complete with shoulder pads that I stole from a quarterback.

Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]

And because I happen to own a pair of burgundy heeled boots I’ve worn a grand total of two times because I can’t walk in them (practicality is not a cornerstone tenet of WhatKumquat), I threw those into the mix. See? I can match colours as well as any third grader. And they say bloggers have no talent.

Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com] Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]Mini Skirt + Shoulder Pads [www.whatkumquat.com]


  1. Really cute combo for your outfit!

  2. Okay but this look is adorable! You look so pretty!

  3. primetimechaos

    First, I think your legs look INCREDIBLE with those boots and skirt – definitely keep both, those legs need to see the light of day more often!
    Second, panic buys can be a good thing if you force yourself to wear them (trust me, I am an expert)
    An third, did you know Ashley Tisdale now has a very successful YouTube channel? I guess not all is lost 😉
    xx, Theresa

  4. You are totally rocking this look girl — I am loving the skirt and your booties!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  5. Gorgeous photos- and as always your post had me laughing out loud!! You seriously write the funniest fashion posts!!!

    xoxo A

  6. Girl only you could make a post about a skirt this entertaining!! I love it!

  7. First time visitor on your blog and I have to say, I LOVE your writing style. Had me chuckling! Love the outfit too. It’s got a great vintage vibe.

  8. McKenna Bleu

    Obsessed with this look!

  9. Lol love the haiku!

  10. Dude you pull this look off so well! But I gotta ask – did you /really/ steal those shoulder pads from a quarterback? Bc if so that’s frickin awesome lmao

  11. You are doing a pretty convincing fake walk in these photos, the boots are totally working!

  12. This look so so chic and I think you styled it so well! SO CUTE!

  13. lovelysilvia

    So cute! You look so chic!


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