The Skort Suit

Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set [] Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []

If I was headed to a power lunch with my friend Marie, where we would order cobb salads (no bacon) and discuss best filing practices (she’s all for going digital but I much prefer traditional manila, thank you very much), this is probably what I would wear.

Of course, I don’t have a friend Marie and if I were to order a cobb salad the ingredients I would omit would be the lettuce and tomato, thereby leaving me essentially with a bowl of bacon and an egg. But it’s a nice fantasy. After all, what else were blazers with shoulder pads and matching skorts made for if not the power lunch?

Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []
The politics of the shoulder pad are rooted in early workplace feminism, where women used fashion to level the playing field with their male counterparts. It’s unclear whether or not it did much—though if the current political climate is any indication, I would be inclined to say it did not—but the use of shoulder pads to make people take you seriously and come across as a Strong! Independent! WoMAN! is one of the best examples of transformative fashion I can think of.

It’s also kind of ridiculous. A Harvard grad with ten years of experience in a top law firm is probably not serious about her career judging from her penchant for floral dresses, but put her in shoulder pads? The next RBG, ladies and gents!Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []

I’ve lately been very into monochrome dressing (see exhibit A here, in which I look like a carrot) so I decided to try my hand at another all-over colour look, this time dedicating myself to the pursuit of blue.

Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []
Fortuitously, I own a gorgeous blue blazer with the largest shoulder pads this side of a football field. I also own a similarly-coloured skort. And in the spirit of doing away with my street cred once and for all, I feel compelled to let you know that the skort is from Banana Republic and I owned one identical to it between the ages of 8-12.

I opted for a sky blue turtleneck to make the look more layered (this was a choice, lest you think I don’t own a navy blue turtleneck) (fools!) and grey-blue air stewardess heels because Strong Independent Women need to be able to gracefully maneuver cobblestones. And being that I am not Olivia Pope, I can’t do that in stilettos. Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []

There! I almost trick myself into looking like I have it together with this ensemble. Because if a coordinated skort suit with massive shoulder pads doesn’t unequivocally say “I have a mortgage, an assistant named Pam, and sensible loafers in four shades of beige, do not fuck with me”, I don’t know what does.Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set [] Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set [] Navy Blue Skort & Suit Coord Set []


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVED a skort when I was a kid. Love the way you updated it for the modern workplace!

  2. What a chic way to wear a skort!! Reading your posts always makes me laugh- you always know how to spice up an outfit post! 🙂

    xoxo A

  3. I used to wear skorts all the time! I love this one! So cute!

  4. Haha, I love reading your commentary. I do have to say you look extremely polished, loving this look!

  5. Sooooo cute! Love this look!

  6. I’m IN LOVE with your outfit. I love navy and this looks so good!

  7. Our school uniforms consisted of skorts and blazers, this is a lot cuter!

  8. dude is there a look you /can’t/ pull off?? #stylegoals

  9. Michelle Paige

    I’m not gonna lie, I almost had to stop reading your post when I saw that you order cobb salads without bacon but thankfully I’m a power-skimmer and quickly caught the next paragraph before I had the chance to close the tab. Phew! Hahah juuuuust kidding! Also, this outfit is amazing!! I’m so obsessed with your style.

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    Best, Selina

  11. This is giving me serious SITC vibes! You look amazing!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  12. The part about the cobb salad and filing techniques had me cracking up. This outfit is so chic – you definitely pull it off well.

  13. This is such a beautiful and classy look! Absolutely LOVE it on you!

  14. This is an awesome girlboss look! I have a blazer with shoulder pads, and it seriously makes me feel a little extra important when I wear it.

  15. GIRL. I am OBSESSED with this look, it reminds me of Cher from Clueless in the best way possible and it’s so fresh and chic. I would never have known that it wasn’t actually a matching outfit had you not mentioned it, but either way, this styling (and also the quality of your photography) is goals.


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