The Resuscitation of the Crop Top

The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top []Remember back in 2012, when everyone wanted to look like a 12-year-old aspiring hooker en route to Coachella?

I am talking, of course, about the crop top. The smaller the better. I’m not sure who can be credited for the birth of this trend—I suspect a Kardashian is in order—but whoever it was, it worked. I spent the majority of my years at university traipsing around in shells of my former shirts: No t-shirt was left un-cut, no high-waist pair of denim shorts were left without a trusty boob sling (the only way I can think to describe the phenomenon that was the lacy bandeau).

This became a difficult trend to sustain sometime around my fourth year, when my metabolism caught up with me and I arrived at the unfortunate realization that I could no longer down an entire pizza and surface ten minutes later in a glorified bra. I needed a baggy tee, some water, and possibly ulcer medication.

Slowly, the craze started to die down (or maybe everyone else’s metabolisms collectively ghosted them too) and the crop tops disappeared. Menocore followed normcore. Mothers everywhere sent their daughters “see I told you so” texts followed by an e-coupon for J. Jill. What a time to be alive!

The Modern Crop Top []

Maybe I just grew up and left my UVA bubble of really terrible stylistic choices, but lately I’ve been noticing a new type of cropped invention: The fashion crop. Be it part of a coordinated set or flowy and vaguely retro-inspired, the new crop trend is here and like any good sheep I’m ready to follow.

Which is why, when I found this shoulder-padded chartreuse wonder (c/o my eternally chic grandmother) in me mam’s closet I was thrilled.
The Modern Crop Top []See? Literally over the fucking moon. And I never smile, because it ruins the image I’m trying to build of myself as a cool New Yorker who knows where Washington Square Park is and has been to Brooklyn more than twice. The Modern Crop Top []

Paired here with white cropped flare jeans that are trying to be high-waist but thanks to my abnormally long torso are failing miserably, the crop top is more fashion than festival. At least I hope so, or else I will have looked like a damn fool running around Soho at 7 in the morning. New York City does not look kindly upon those who exude too much West Coast-iness.

The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top [] The Modern Crop Top []



  1. This top is so cute! I love stuff that ties in the front. Plus, I love how much people are wearing yellow right now!

  2. Oh this is darling and so the type of crop top that I’d actually wear – it’s classy! You look gorgeous!

  3. Michelle Paige

    hahahah I love reading your posts! so funny and I totally relate! this top is so cute and the outfit is so perfect!

  4. You are so funny and so chic and i love this top, your gma is obvi very glam

  5. Ahh! Loving these oversized white glasses! They are so freakin cute. I am a huge sucker for sunglasses xx

  6. You crack me up as always. Loving that top on you gal.

  7. you are stunningggg! i loveeee this look!

  8. O well I love it! Such a stunning outfit all together!

  9. Haha I always think of Pretty Woman when I see a crop top.

  10. Love the color of the top! So cool you found it in your mom’s closet!

  11. Okay 1. it so does not look like your metabolism ghosted you! and 2. this look is totally fab! Loving it!

  12. This color is so pretty on you! And I love those sunglasses!

  13. Love this outfit so much!!! Especially the cropped flares. So good.

    xo //

  14. That yellow looks so killer on you!

  15. lovelysilvia

    I love this top! I’ve been recently puling out the crop tops too.


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