Long Live The Trendy Sweatpant

Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com

I’d like to give a salute and possibly a batch of scones to the erudite godsend who came up with the concept of the dressy sweatpant.

You can call them pajama pants, palazzo trousers, or wide-legged wonders all you want, fine. But we all know the real reason you’re wearing those is because you weren’t feeling real clothing. And also potentially because you forgot to shave. Both of which are perfectly great justifications for donning the comfiest style of Vogue-approved leg casings the world has ever seen.

Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com

My first pair of socially appropriate pajamas were orange, silky, and on sale.

I first spotted them across the floor at Zara in the clutches of a woman wearing a graphic tee that said “#wokeuplikedis”. I immediately knew they weren’t right for each other. We fell in love in the dressing room. Ours is an everlasting love affair: They have been there for me on interviews when I needed to look like I had any business applying for a fashion internship. On nights out where I want to convey to the general public that I am better than short shorts and a crop top (and am insulted that you think I’m the typa bitch to go for a vodka soda). On days where I am too bloated from eating four packets of ramen to wear anything that might give away the fact that there is a human body hiding under my clothes.

Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com

So when I discovered these navy silky trousers at H&M, I knew I had to have them. I don’t usually buy clothes unless they’re thrifted, given the fact that I am essentially destitute (no really, New York is great!!!), but these were on sale and also I was in need of some new pieces to #create #content for the esteemed publication you are currently reading.

Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com

I’m still trying to work out what underwear to wear with these in order to avoid VPL, but other than that the trousers have worked out fabulously. I’ve been having a bit of a quarter life crisis lately, and in the throes of my last introspective meltdown I decided that I’ve been too hard on Kathy Griffin and also maybe I do like colour.

Which led to me running around the West Village looking like I’ve escaped a UVA pep rally. I think I’m colour blocking.

Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com

I’ve paired them with a burnt orange crop top sweater to disseminate the message that the NYC summer heatwave does not faze me and therefore I am better than you peasants. I usually would have tucked something into them, like a turtleneck or a cookie for the road, but instead I’m loving how the hem of the top juuuust skims the waistline of the trousers.

I also have visions of me wearing these with an untucked massively oversized button down so I can look like a middle aged artist who lives in a Soho loft. Like Mia Thermopolis’ mother. A true style icon.

Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com Colourblocking | www.whatkumquat.com



  1. I need these wide-legged wonders. As for the VPL, I have some undies from Grana that are essentially nothing, but they seem to have stopped making them. Might have to skip the P to avoid the L


  2. Looking good girlfriend!! I have a colorblocked clutch purse and it’s one of my fav go-to accessories always!! What a great trend!

    xoxo A

  3. Loving the slip on sneaks! I have a few pairs of Steve Maddens & I absolutely love them! Go with so many things, affordable, & comfy!

  4. These pants look so comfy!! And I love them paired with these slip on sneakers.

  5. literally wouldn’t have known those wear sweats if you hadn’t said it haha

  6. These pants are amazing!! They make your legs look long AF. I love these types of pants because people always think you look so #fancy when in reality you feel like you’re wearing PJs. Blessed.


  7. oooooh I’m all abut comfort and soft clothes so I can see myself living in these! I think I need a pair.

    xo CourtneyDrew

  8. These pants are so cute and look so comfortable too!


  9. Ohh these look amazing! So cute.

  10. Ahh I wish I could pull of these wide legged pants like you – I’m so short, the only way I can wear these is with crazy high heels!

  11. These look great on you! Orange is your color!

  12. alex dainel

    Such a beautiful clicks You look gorgeous..

  13. Your posts just keep getting better and better! Kinda outside of my style comfort zone, but I’m obsessed with this look. I might just try to pull it off. Stay bold gf.

    Stay inspired,


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