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Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com] Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com]

I’m approaching this post like I’ve just put together the most eclectic ensemble on the face of the earth. As if I decided to wear a bright orange lampshade as a tube top and paired it with a pair of rainbow-sequined flare pants hand-stitched by a Peruvian monkey named Phyllis. With a palm tree-printed bucket hat and mismatched shoes thrown over top for good measure.

But no. It’s just some ruffles and pinstripes. Both are in varying shades of blue. There are orange earrings here too, because I was really feeling feisty.

Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com] Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com]

When your wardrobe and day-to-day style consist of a steady rotation of turtlenecks, button downs, and jeans, even a skosh of colour can seem like a statement. And if I DARE to wear a print? In the name of all that is holy and Meryl Streep, I’m practically a maximalist!

Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com]

I bought this ruffle top a few months ago under the spell of The Trend. My consciousness was first made aware of The Trend via Instagram, where every editor, blogger, and #influencer I follow suddenly started adorning their chests with ruffles large enough to make an Elizabethan gentlewoman proud. And so I became convinced that a shirt without ruffles was not a shirt worth owning, and vowed to integrate The Trend into my wardrobe asap.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve worn this top a grand total of two times. Serves me right for trying to follow a trend when we all know my rightful place on the sartorial spectrum is in Amish grandma territory. It’ll be turtlenecks and sensible high-rise pants for me from here on out, please and thank you.

Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com] Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com]

Anyway, whilst trying to figure out innovative ways to style what is in reality not that exciting of a shirt, I decided to throw caution to the wind and pair it with a *gasp* printed skirt. Of course the print in question is a pinstripe which, seeing as pinstripes are a pattern generally associated with bankers, is really not that groundbreaking either.

So what I’ve ended up with in my quest to try stepping out of my comfort zone is actually pretty boring.

Looking at these pictures, I feel preppy. I hate feeling preppy.

At this point I would normally call time of death on this look and declare it a failure, but the only thing saving it is the surprisingly pleasing combination of both sky blue + burgundy (via the boots) and navy blue + orange (via the earrings). Instead of being preoccupied with following a trend —which is basically what maximalism is, in my opinion—, maybe what I’m missing is experimenting with unlikely colour pairings? Stay tuned. I’ll get better.

Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com] Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com] Pinstripes + Ruffles New York Street Style [www.whatkumquat.com]


  1. Elly your outfits always look so NYC chic and this one is no exception!

    xoxo A

  2. I like how you pulled together these pieces! I think you’ve got enough variety to keep it from looking too preppy. The boots and earrings give your look a lot of interest! I’m in love with this blouse. Seems perfect to dress up or down!

  3. The ruffle top and pinstriped skirt make such a great combo! I looove the boots you wore too! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/hydropeptide-peptide-based-skincare/

  4. Okay I am all about the outfit but honestly right now I’m entranced with your hair. Your hair looks so healthy and pretty, tell me your secrets! (:

  5. I love how you put the two together it really looks excellent!

  6. These pieces are something I would even think to put together, and you totally pulled it over! I am amazed at how great this outfit looks!

  7. sam collin

    Beautiful style,beautiful color combination,beautiful pictures!<3

  8. Yes! Keep doing unlikely color pairings! You look preppy but it’s a punk preppy, if that’s even a thing.

  9. This is such a good match-up! I love the ruffle detailing on the blouse and those orange statement earrings are fabulous with this! xoRach | http://www.rkcsouthern.com

  10. I love this paired together! I love the skirt and how it ties!

  11. I love that shirt! You look so great!

  12. Michelle Paige

    LOL!! I did the same thing with a ruffled top a few months back. It’s super cute and I really like it but every time I put it on I take it off because it just doesn’t feel ‘me’. Your outfit is seriously amazing though! Mixing and matching is the best IMO.

    Michelle | She’s Not So Basic

  13. Loving this look! That dark lipstick is gorgeous on you, too.

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  14. Obsessed with this look, especially the top!

  15. I’m loving that ruffled top! So cute!

  16. I love the detailing on your top!

  17. This outfit is super cute! So fun and sophisticated!

    The Classic Brunette


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