Three Ways To Wear An LBD

How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []

The entire purpose of a wardrobe staple is its presumed ability to transform itself into the perfect item for any situation. Is a white button down really a white button down if you can’t wear it with a sensible midi skirt for a wedding in the morning, then slap on some accessories, heels, and some trousers (though they’re optional) for a night out?

That said, the metamorphic properties of a little black dress, another alleged wardrobe staple, are highly suspect. Sure, you can wear it during the day to work, if you’re a high-powered attorney who takes no prisoners and/or sugar in their coffee.

But for the rest of us? I intern at a digital lifestyle magazine, where people literally sit at their desks with blankets to combat a freezing building. If I showed up in a little black dress and heels at 10 in the morning, they’d probably think I was still drunk and Ubered straight to the office from whatever nighttime establishment I’d just frequented.

I mean, it might make for a conversation starter. It also might get me fired.

So I decided to test the versatility of the LBD once and for all, and thus this post was born. I ran into a slight hiccup because my dress of choice is so short it barely covers my ass, but if you imagine an extra few inches on the hem it works. I think.

How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []
the casually floating hand strikes again


How To Style An LBD 3 Ways [] How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []

Maybe you’re meeting a friend for brunch. Maybe you’re en route to Trader Joe’s to pick up some reasonably-priced quinoa. Maybe you’re just taking your hungover self back to last night’s bar to look for the phone you lost, and didn’t have time to change.

The formula: button down + lbd + flat shoes.

Here I look like a retro and slightly hungover air stewardess (re: the sunglasses the size of plates). I’m into it. Particularly because I’m deeply into balloon sleeves at the moment.

How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []


How To Style An LBD 3 Ways [] How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []

Here’s how to dress down an LBD instantly: hide it. Not completely, like with a snuggie or anything, but just enough to make it not so blatantly in-your-face-hello-I’m-a-black-dress.

The formula: blazer (or a cardigan, or a jacket) + lbd + ankle boots

How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []

The sunglasses may be a little overkill —unless you’re going for a “70s creepy uncle” kinda vibe— but the rest of the look is simple and just casual enough without being too informal. I’d probably lose the hair bun in favour of a chicer style, but I hadn’t washed my hair at the time of the shoot so it is what it is.


How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []
and this is me lovingly staring at an empty doorway <3


How To Style An LBD 3 Ways [] How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []

And finally, the LBD in all its glory, as god and the store you bought it from originally intended. If you know anything about my preference re: nighttime apparel, you know that I stay away from anything that’ll make me look like an escaped Jersey Shore cast member, so again I like to keep it simple.

The formula: one/two pieces of statement jewellery + lbd + heels

How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []

The reason I picked this dress in the first place was because the neckline reminded me of a turtleneck, and my affinity for turtlenecks is matched potentially only by Diane Keaton. Or librarians. Anyway, due to the high neckline, an updo of sorts seemed necessary.

And as high necklines = no necklace chez moi, I went with a pair of clip on earrings that look fabulous but hurt after approximately half an hour of wearing them. Similar, in fact, to these heels. But I only go out long enough to take a lap and maybe an Instagram, so longevity is not a requirement for my outfits.

How To Style An LBD 3 Ways [] How To Style An LBD 3 Ways []




  1. sam collin

    Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

  2. All such chic looks, and your captions always make me smile!! 🙂 love the earrings too!

    xoxo A

  3. Really love the ways you styled this LBD! 🙂 My favorite look has to be with just the dress itself! 🙂 really like the earrings you wore!

    xo, Chloe //

  4. I do love how you styled this! I really love the coat look! But that’s probably because I like to go out in public like I am still wrapped in a blanket most days

  5. What a fun post! I love all three looks! What a great LBD. It looks amazing on you!

  6. In addition to being entertaining as always, these are actually great tips! And you’re right – if that dress was just a bit longer, it would be perfect haha. The endless struggle of finding a dress that covers my butt is so real!

  7. I work at a magazine too and definitely couldn’t wear this to work without getting a few stares, but I love how you styled it! Great for after work, haha.

  8. I love all the ways you styled this dress! And as always, your commentary is hilarious!

  9. I just can’t get over your writing style, it’s so personable + hilarious. And, your style is so city chic it makes me wanna pack my bags and move to NYC, not to mention raid your closet haha.

  10. lovelysilvia

    You did such a great job! The three different looks are so beautiful!

  11. I like the sober outfit, the button up really screams “day time” 🙂


  12. Each way is adorable and chic! Love the three ways, one dress!

  13. Jennifer Ashley

    I love all the different ways you styled this! So elegant and chic!

    Jennifer Ashley

  14. I love these looks! You can’t go wrong with a LBD, like ever! 😉


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