My Fave Lewks From Fashion Month AW17

It’s Friday. You’re tired. I’m tired. So here’s an easy read that’s way overdue: my favourite looks from fashion month AW17. Grab your coffee/the cold leftover pizza you drunkenly saved for breakfast (thirsty Thursday amirite)(no, because I spent my Thursday night drinking tea and compiling this post #wild) and give your brain a break by flipping through some fa$hun pics. Outfit galleries are the fashion blog equivalent of a relaxing spa, except way less expensive and with better food options as you are in control of your snacks. To hell with cucumber slices.


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In case you made it this far and believe you might have it in you to do some light reading! Nothing mentally strenuous, I promise. If you’re looking to get stressed out, I recommend taking a gander at Trump’s twitter feed. That ought to do it.

Ralph LaurenThis was actually a spring 2017 collection, fresh off the not-so-fresh buy-now-wear-now phenomenon. Ralph knows exactly who the Ralph Lauren woman is: she’s the typa bitch who has her shit together enough to schedule a yoga session, phone meeting, and bikini wax before 10 am and still has time to make a healthy breakfast of chia pudding. And she does it while looking equal parts powerful and elegant.

TibiGod I love Tibi. Amy Smilovic is unparalleled when it comes to easy dressing that just makes sense. I feel like Tibi is the brand that currently most emulates my favourite style —boxy blazers! turtlenecks! high-rise skirts and trousers!— and I’m obsessed. It’s not necessarily groundbreaking, but does fashion always have to be? Sometimes it’s nice to see clothes that you could just instantly wear without thinking. You know, were you to receive an unexpected windfall from a recently deceased and very wealthy relative.

Ulla Johnson Ulla Johnson excels in constantly producing clothes that have a distinctly romantic feel with a mod twist. I particularly loved the emphasis on texture mix and match, like a heavy knit tucked into leather trousers or a velvet crop layered under what appear to be corduroy overalls (see slideshow and report back with your findings, plz). Johnson hopped on the politically active bandwagon with a “we are all immigrants” t-shirt, but plot twist: 100% of proceeds of that tee will benefit the ACLU. Now that’s real fashtivism, putting the hundreds of Insta-blogger #feminist selfies unsubstantiated by legitimate action prevalent this fashion month to shame.

Mugler– David Koma’s latest collection is supposed to embody strength and power, in case the dramatically-pointed shoulder pads left you any doubt. Mugler’s fall ready to wear collection is what you should put on the next time you have to go to the DMV but don’t want to deal with waiting in line and other bureaucratic bullshit. One look at your aggressively-silhouetted torso and you’ll be waved through, no questions asked.

Jonathan Simkhai– One word: strength. If you’re sensing a common theme here, it’s because the happenings of 2016 have driven everyone into a sociopolitically-conscious frenzy and today, a real woman is a strong woman. The collection had a Spanish vibe to it, decked out in denim, lace, and leather. It stayed monochromatic for the most part which is ok by me because when you’re changing the world you don’t have time for colourblocking.

Rosie AssoulinWhen I die, bury me in Rosie Assoulin. The woman practically birthed the concept of fun celebratory fashion and her name is so synonymous with whimsical, maximalist style it’s hard to believe she only launched the label in 2013. THE HEELS OF THE SHOES ARE FURNITURE LEGS YOU GUYS ugh this collection just makes me so, so happy.



  1. That chartreuse Tibi jumpsuit-y look though….I have no idea where I would wear it but I NEED IT.

  2. Whhhaaaat furniture leg heels?! How neat

  3. I just LOLd at work (oops) while reading your Ralph Lauren woman description…. tooooo funny. I love seeing everything from fashion week/month and it really makes me want to dress better and wear sweatpants less (but that will never happen let’s be honest)


  4. Rosie Assoulin is my FAVORITE. I’d like to be burried in her pieces as well!

    Greta |

  5. Okie dokie basically want all of the Mugler line! All of your favorites were super cool!
    -Anna |

  6. I can watch that slideshow over and over and over again!

    Alix |

  7. That slideshow is awesome! and furniture leg heels?!?! WHAT?

  8. The Ralph Lauren show was definitely a favorite here too! Love it!

  9. There were so many amazing shows, I am really impressed with all the collections

  10. Murad always does beautiful stuff. I’m personally always keen to Karl’s showstopper shows for Chanel, the sets are always unreal!

  11. lovelysilvia

    Always love anything Ralph Lauren! Such great fashion picks!

  12. Everything from Tibi is giving me major heart eyes right now!

  13. All the Rosie Assoulin pieces are absolutely stunning! Need!

  14. OMG there is so many look I need to recreate from this!

    Oby Grace


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