Not Your Middle School Choker (ft. Victoria Emerson)

Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC []

Confession: I never actually had a middle school choker phase. I pretend I did, because everyone is constantly talking about how funny it is that they’re bringing back their 6th grade chokers and denim skirts etc. etc. and I’ve been feeling left out of this collective cultural throwback.

But the reality of the situation is that 12-year-old Elly was probably single-handedly keeping the adolescent turtleneck industry alive back in 2006 when it was decidedly uncool to do so. Why are you dressed like a grandma, my bedazzled low-rise jeans-wearing friends would ask. Because based on my research they seem to be in control of all the best cookie recipes, and I want in, I’d reply. Then I grabbed my dentures and my walker and hobbled my bootcut-jean-wearing behind out of the cafeteria.

Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC []

Generally, I am all for trends coming back into style. I am well equipped for the return of decades 50-90, thanks to the wardrobes of my parents and grandparents that I have commandeered. It’s the reappearance of the 2000s that’s stressing me the eff out because a) I actually have to go and purchase these items we’re supposed to already have in our wardrobes, and my current financial situation is such that I’m rationing two bananas to last me the week and b) HELLO??? Does anyone actually remember the 2000s? They were a dark, dark time for fashion. Lest you have blissfully forgotten the fiasco that was the camouflage trend, the layered cami trend, or the asymmetrical jersey skirt disaster (calling it a “trend” is too kind for this blemish on the human race), I’m here to remind you.

That said, I am a big fan of chokers. I just don’t think, as a broke 22-year-old ashamed to go into Forever 21 mature adult, that I can rationalize paying real money for a thin strip of fabric to tie around my neck.

Enter this necklace.

Nighttime in NYC []

I’ve been looking for a cool twist on the standard choker for ages (up till now I’ve been tying a ribbon around my neck and calling it a day) and lookie here, I found it! I love the knot detailing and thick gold material of the necklace, which makes it look infinitely more expensive than it actually is. Speaking of which, it’s on sale and you can buy it here.

This is the second part of my collab with Victoria Emerson, who make the necklace, and like I said in Part Un I’m obsessed. Their products are all such high-quality and have a simple yet sophisticated vibe to them. This choker in particular is the perfect lil detail to upgrade an outfit.

I’ve paired it with an all black ensemble as kind of a going-out lewk, which I don’t think I’ve done on this blog before so I guess this is my rebellious phase. Wanting the emphasis to be on the necklace, I eschewed a bra and also social decency (sorry to the entirety of 10th Ave for flashing you from above) and went for a super deep-v top tucked into black trousers. Which again creates the illusion of a pantsuit, except this way you don’t have to give up your right to pee.

If you’re as obsessed with the choker as I am, use this referral code to get 30% off your purchase! It’s like Cyber Monday, but not.

**Thank you to Victoria Emerson for sending me the necklace! As always, all opinions are my own because I do not sit on a throne of lies.**

Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC [] Nighttime in NYC []

P.S. This shoot is my favourite I’ve ever done ever and I’d like to thank my new lens, my new apartment, my not-new chum Haley, and also probably Jesus for making it happen xoxo gossip kumquat


  1. I never had a choker phase either haha but I love them now! This outfit looks SO stunning on you – I’m obsessed with the choker, I haven’t seen anything like it!

  2. How chic is this outfit!! Girl you look amazing! I have a couple chokers also- so interesting to see what trends come back!

    xoxo A

  3. Not only is your outfit chic AF, but this choker is so refreshing. As much as I love standard, black choker necklaces this is such a nice change – a piece to wear year round!

  4. Yay! Twinisies! I have this choker too! It goes soo well with so many outfits! I am really loving the way you styled it so chic and bold with the all black ensemble and plunging neckline! 🙂 I was so happy when chokers became trendy again!

    xo, Chloe //

  5. You look so stunning in this choker! Also, the way your write is HILARIOUS. I think we’d be besties in real life.

  6. va va voom! You look stunning!

    Greta |

  7. That is such a pretty choker!! I love how classic it is without it being tightening! Definitely something I haven’t seen yet <3

  8. I love this look! It’s such a classic look.

  9. So so so gorgeous!! love the choker on you and well everything!

  10. You look totally chic in these photos girl. That choker necklace is all kinds of fabulous!

  11. Love this choker! Looks great with your outfit as well, and killer photos!

  12. Love how different yet stylish that choker looks!

  13. Girllll talk about va-va-voom! I could barely keep my eyes on the choker!

  14. So loving the location of this shoot! You’re stunning – love the lipcolor matched with the chocker!


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