Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim

I’ve heard of fashion being cyclical, but I always imagined that was in reference to decades. I never imagined that “cyclical” could refer to wearing the same things I did in the fourth grade, but here we are in 2017 and what do I see?

Grown women in gummy shoes! What’s worse, grown women in gummy shoes and socks!

Backpacks are replacing real bags! They’re not even practical backpacks- this generation of your elementary school carryall costs more than a week’s paycheck and fits your phone, one credit card, and maybe half a stick of gum.

And of course, embroidered denim. Oh, you bought new jeans? Do they have carefully stitched flowers adorning one bum cheek? No? What is this, 2015? Dammit Pam, get it together!

But of course, who am I to judge- I recently went to the supermarket in a tweed blazer with shoulder pads high enough to make a linebacker jealous. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of imitating youth, my stylistic choices have geriatric tendencies.

Anyway, because the New Year’s resolution I should have made but didn’t probably would have said to try new things, I thought I’d try this trend. Here’s some inspo to get you in the mood to buy butterfly-embroidered jorts and also some shoppable options at the end. Excuse me whilst I go embroider every article of denim I own. Or, more accurately, ask my mother to do it because I failed Home Ec.

All images taken from my Pinterest.

Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim [] Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim []


Style Inspo: Embroidered Denim []

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  1. I think embroidered denim looks amazing! I love how it can change the look!

  2. Your commentary on life and fashion makes me lol every time!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious I had so much embroidered denim when I was 13!!! I can’t believe it’s popular again 15 years later!

  4. I love the embroidered denim jackets!

  5. Embroidered denim is my fav! I want an embroidered jacket SO BAD!

    Greta |

  6. katieisadora

    I’m obsessed with embroidered denim too! So great to add a pop of color to an understated outfit.

  7. I used to wear embroidered denim when I was little – it’s so funny that it’s making a comeback!

  8. I LOVE this trend! It is so fun and different!

  9. Done right, I think embroidered denim looks so cool. Love your picks!

  10. I will be staying away from the embroidered denim as it is just not my style. It looks cute on others.

  11. How fun is this?? I love the embroidery and it adds such a fun touch to denim.
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  12. I love this look! Recently, Vera Bradley has been adding embroidery to their leather bags and I love it! So feminine and fun 🙂 xx

  13. I just snagged myself an embroidered denim jacket & I’m getting so impatient waiting for it to come in. loving this trend for spring! x, nicole //

  14. Gosh I really want an embroidered jean jacket or a mini skirt! Don’t worry, I totally tend to dress like a 45 year old soccer mom. Well actually, my mother dresses better than I do haha!

  15. I do have to say that the details in these jeans are very cute! And things do tend to come back in style!

  16. Oh now I know how to spice up my denim jacket


  17. I remember when I HAD to have embroidered denim from Limited Too… I’m not sure if I could pull off embroidered jeans, but I may wait it out until spring and try it on a pair of denim shorts.

    PS – That denim shift dress you featured is amazing and reminds me of one my mom had in the 90’s!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass


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