MFW Spring 2017: A Brief Recap

In the spirit of being true to the title and in the spirit of me getting to sleep before 3am, I am nixing the intro in today’s post and just going for it. Here is my (extremely brief) MFW spring 2017 recap!

Catch up on my New York Fashion Week recap here and my London Fashion Week recap here! It’s important!


Ruffles (again)

Milan Fashion Week ss2017 Trend Report: Ruffles []
as seen at: Diesel Black Gold, Dsquared2, Giamba, Alberta Ferretti
Yellow (also again)

Milan Fashion Week ss2017 Trend Report: Yellow []
as seen at: Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jil Sander, No. 21

Milan Fashion Week ss2017 Trend Report: Sequins []
as seen at: Marco de Vicenzo, Pucci, Gucci, Attico


Milan Fashion Week Recap: Philosophy ss2017 []Philosophy is always one of my favourite shows because the label knows how to do elegance. Lorenzo Serafini’s takeover carries on the legacy of femininity and carefully-done undoneness (definitely not a word) in the ss2017 collection. I’m very into the juxtaposition of florally ruffled pieces with severe leather belts, which apparently is meant to be inspired by Brooke Shields’ Blue Lagoon but in my opinion creates something of a “pirate goes to Coachella” effect. Which is much cooler, anyway.

Milan Fashion Week Recap: Jil Sander ss2017 []Jil Sander takes the retro power look to the extreme. The shoulder pads have shoulder pads. The boxy –sometimes to the point of resembling a literal tent- and oversized theme might be off-putting to some, but those some have clearly not thought of the possibilities. For one, you never have to worry about eating that last piece of pizza ever again. Also, you can hide things under your clothes (like your phone, or snacks) much better this way. Both of which I’m sure are what a high fashion label had in mind when designing these beautiful, beautiful pieces.

Milan Fashion Week Recap: Ermanno Scervino ss2017 []Ermanno Scervino has provided the collection of my dreams. No words, just a link to the full collection to let the clothes do the talking.

Milan Fashion Week Recap: Blumarine ss2017 []

When I lived in Rome, Blumarine was a brand I associated purely with my mother and sensible clothing. Fast forward a few years and the label has stayed true to its wearable ethos (which is an increasingly rare feat in high fashion) while embracing modernity. To be honest, it probably always did, and I just never paid attention. The cropped collared tops and high waists are quintessentially and effortlessly Italian, and it’s just a really good collection. Fin.


  1. lovely collections! I think I’m most excited about velvet (because it never gets old for me lol).

  2. Ah sequins and ruffles, love it. However, as a blonde, I’m staying away from yellow.



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