I’m on a Boat!

I recently spent some time on a boat.
Classic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.com Classic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.com Lalaria Beach, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.com

^Not that one. Another one.

One of the days that we were in Skiathos, we decided to hop on one of those wonderfully touristy boats. You know, the ones playing questionable music and always chock full of both a handful of youths, blissfully unaware of the existence of anyone else, and 5-6 very loud, very drunk British people. It’s quite the time to be alive, let me tell you.

A small miracle occurred and we actually got up with our alarm to take the bus into town and get on the boat. Having previously undertaken a journey calling itself “The Mamma Mia Experience!” (with the exclamation point) on another boat a few years ago, which visited the beaches featured in the film and played a solid eight hours of Abba music, we went for the more innocuously named “Anti Stress Boat”.

A name apparently very fitting, as it featured some of the most obscure music on the face of the earth and a lovely Greek woman handing out watermelon and drinks. I’ve never felt less stressed. I felt one with nature. A wave in the ocean of life. Zen, some might say.

This zen did not last long as we approached our first destination, Lalaria beach…

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.com Lalaria Beach, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.com…And I immediately demanded a narcissistic swimsuit photoshoot in the middle of the beach (oops sorry tourists welcome to Greece opa) from my Anti Stress co-captive and sometimes Instagram Husband Electra.

Discreet = zero.

It was a cool swimsuit, ok?

Classic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.com Classic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.com Classic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.comIn other news, this was hands down the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to. Just LOOK at the water. It’s more beautiful than Cinderella & smelled like pine needles & looked like sunshine.

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comDue to testing out lighting pre-shoots I tend to end up with quite a few stunning photos of my photographers. I’m saving the best of them for future wedding slideshows, but here’s an inoffensive one I snapped of the photog of the day:

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comDoesn’t she look THRILLED to be taking my pics instead of enjoying the beach??? Such are the perks of being my friend. Form an orderly queue, ladies and gents.

We got back on the boat to head to our next destination, the Kastro (which, loosely translated, means “super old and at some point probably super important castle”). However upon arriving and noticing that actually getting to said Kastro required exercise in the form of climbing stairs, we opted out and planted ourselves firmly on the beach to enjoy the water and shrieks from fellow Anti-Stress captives enjoying what I guess was their first time on a boat.

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.com Kastro, Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comAfter an hour of doing absolutely zero stressful activities, we got back on board. At some point we passed a cave, which I’m told has some historic significance but really just makes for a dank Instagram:

Boat tour in Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comContinuing our trip to the final beach over swimming pool-like waters.

Boat tour in Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.com Boat tour in Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comIt wouldn’t be a real Anti Stress experience without some shit rosé served in the unequivocally classy drink vessel of plastic cups!

Boat tour in Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comPinkies up, because we’re L-A-D-I-E-S.

Boat tour in Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comAnd finally heading back to town for a much-needed gyros (all this Anti Stress business is well and good but I cannot remain stress-free for long if I’m hungry) and shower.

Boat tour in Skiathos, Greece |www.whatkumquat.comAll in all, quite the day.

Definitely one I won’t forget, even if I wanted to, because the sunburn I received from hours baking in the sun has left a lasting mark and my skin is still peeling like an orange weeks later. #justgirlythingsClassic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.com

Classic black one piece swimsuit |www.whatkumquat.com


  1. gorgeous swimsuit! looks like such an amazing time!

  2. This trip looks like a dream and that bathing suit is like total bombshell status on you!

  3. Alright, so I need to take that boat trip ASAP. You made it sound so crazy relaxing! And also like HELLO model – that swimsuit is dynamite, babe, and your legs are totally killer!

    Stephanie | drunkonvogue.com

  4. These photos are absolutely beautiful! I just spent a semester abroad in Belgium and couldn’t make it to Greece, but have always wanted to go! Looks like a blast.


  5. I love your one piece! These pictures are beautiful!


  6. Girl, you are stunning!! These photos are amazing! Can we just talk about that bright blue water?! Take me there!

    xo Ashley

  7. Oh my gosh these photos are breathtaking! You look gorgeous!
    -Anna | http://www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  8. That suit is so cute on you, very lady life.

    Sarah || http://stylishsassyandclassy.com/

  9. Wow how incredible! I hope to travel there one day!


  10. hashtagfablife

    The water looks so pretty! Love your swimsuit!

  11. OMG this trip looks amazing! I am so jealous. Plus, you look stunning in that suit!

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

  12. I’m going to Greece next month and your photos make me so ready!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  13. Oh my gosh I totally want to go on the Mamma Mia Experience boat! This one sounds pretty lit too though. You look great in that swimsuit!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

  14. sockwunphng

    Lalaria is gorgeous! I am so jealous! Also, I agree that that is a cool swimsuit. I especially love the sheer paneling across the top.

    Sockwun | ExtraExtravagant.com

  15. Love the name of the boat! Your pictures came out gorgeous!

    The Blush Blonde

  16. These photos are absolutely breathtaking (that water!) and you look gorgeous!

    La Belle Sirene

  17. That first Mamma Mia! experience sounds so fun with a group of friends.


  18. Such beautiful blue waters and you look fabulous!

  19. I love your bathing suit and all your pictures are gorgeous!

  20. Sounds like a relaxing trip to the beach, such a cute one piece!


  21. caratsandconfetti

    Oh my goodness! I love these pics and your swimsuit. I wish I could be on a boat in a hot and sunny destination right about now.

  22. Gorg! The view is amazing and that suit is so flattering! I love that one pieces are having a moment this season.

  23. Sounds like an unforgettable experience. I wouldn’t have been able to resist demanding a photoshoot on that gorgeous beach either!


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