How to Actually Wear Fall 2016’s Trends

I’ve said before that trends are stupid. While I stand by that brazen -while admittedly irrelevant because I am but a fly on Vogue’s windshield- statement, I’m also guilty of following fashion week shows.

Most of the time.

Like 30% of them.

Mostly via the social media platforms of my favourite fashion bloggers and the odd panic-Google when I’m researching an article and need to back up my claims with real live designer proof.


With the autumn months approaching and my patience for having to don shorts wearing Kate Moss-level thin, I’m starting to review what the powers-that-be have dictated as new for fall/winter 2016/17. And I thought I’d highlight some of my fave fall 2016 trends below, as well as provide some unsolicited advice on how to style them.

Fall 2016 trends: extra long sleeves |

Who: Dior, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Jason Wu

This is my absolute favourite thing to be invented, ever, because it means gloves are now optional. I hate gloves. They make it hard to Snapchat something funny if I’m pressed for time because I have to take them off, type something witty before I accidentally contract frostbite, then put them on again…. WHAT an ordeal, amirite ladies???

How to style: It’s not a regular top, it’s a cool top. The bulky sleeves are great and everything, but to balance out the shape and do something a little more asymmetrical than regular jeans, go for a pair of shorts or a mini skirt to emphasize the sleeves. Which brings me to my second favourite trend.

Fall 2016 trends: mini skirts |

Who: Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott

I don’t think mini skirts were ever completely voted off the island, but they did take a sabbatical to a different island- one largely populated by those under 14.

How to style: Styled incorrectly (IE reminiscent of 2011-2012’s neon bandage mini skirt debacle), they look cheap. Opt for a good quality skirt and eschew flimsier materials to mature them up a little, and whatever you do, don’t style them with a tight tank top.

Fall 2016 trends: victorian ruffles |

Who: Kenzo, Balmain, Chanel, Anna Sui

Gotta love a good ruffle. I love every kind of ruffle, including the chips, and as a bonus the fashion week kind doesn’t give you cholesterol.

How to style: Good on you if you want to go full British-royalty-throwback with this trend and pair it with some kind of flowy maxi skirt, but I prefer the ruffle look modernized. A sleek pair of trousers, either jeans or the high waisted billowy kind, would look great with this.

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  1. love the mini skirts trend! I always love the romantic fall styles and while I really don’t follow trends, I like to look to shows for inspiration 🙂 great post – have a nice weekend Elly!


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