What’s in my Travel Bag?

What's in my travel bag? |www.whatkumquat.com

So I’m fully aware I make a new version of this article almost every time I travel. It could be said that I have an addiction to these types of posts, because I do. I’m extremely nosy. I love knowing what other people tote around in their bags on the reg.

It could also be said that not much has changed since my last one, except my age. Also maybe my photography.

Full disclosure? As you’re reading this, I’m currently back in Greece for three weeks, and when I wrote this I still hadn’t packed yet. I put this together to push myself to start. Productivity and procrastination at its finest, voilà! Here’s what’s in my travel bag, in photos.

What's in my travel bag? |www.whatkumquat.com What's in my travel bag? |www.whatkumquat.com

  • A BOOK, because sometimes you don’t want to watch The Hunger Games on the airplane video player for the 50th time.
  • PASSPORT, because I’m guessing you’re not at the airport for a relaxing spa day.
  • WALLET, because if all goes south and you hate your seatmates, you can buy shit white wine and PTFO.
  • CHUNKY SWEATER, because it’s always cold on airplanes and if you touch one of those blankets they give you, you’re probably risking some obscure disease.
  • PHONE, because how will people understand how annoying that one person in seat 34A is if you don’t Snapchat it?
  • HEADPHONES, because screaming babies are a thing that exist.
  • NOTEBOOK & PEN, because inspiration can strike at any moment and you can’t exactly pen a New York Times bestseller on the back of a cocktail napkin.
  • SUNGLASSES, because idgaf if the bags under your eyes are designer, they’re still not a good look.
  • BEAUTY BAG, because if the Girl Scout troupe I was never in as a child taught me anything, it’s that you always have to be prepared.

What's in my travel bag? |www.whatkumquat.com

  • GUM
  • TEA

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  1. These are all items I HAVE to have in my carry on if I don’t want to freeze or lose my mind! Love your sweater.

    Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com


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