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No, this is not a tutorial on how to make toast, as I’m pretty sure everyone masters that skill circa the second grade.

If you’re still somehow unsure of how to accomplish this culinary feat, kindly direct your attention to this video.

Today’s post is all about pimping your toast. Similar to pimping your oatmeal, this is something simple that you can do to spice up your life (or at least your eating habits).

Being that it hails from bread, my favourite nutrient, I am passionate about toast. It’s perfect for every meal of the day given that it has a range similar to that of Meryl Streep. It can be healthy or decadent; savoury or sweet. All in all, an A+ source of nourishment.

So get some good, crusty rustic bread fresh from the bakery ready, and let’s get cracking.

strawberry nutella toast |www.whatkumquat.comSTRAWBERRY NUTELLA TOAST

As the name suggests, you simply slather on a good portion of Nutella and toss on some sliced strawberries. Strawberries and Nutella are my favourite coupling since Ina and Jeffrey, and as such deserve to be commemorated on my toast.

peanut butter banana honey toast |www.whatkumquat.comPEANUT BUTTER HONEY TOAST

You think this is going to be a simple pb&b recipe ! but ! wait ! you MUST add honey. A lil drizzle makes all the difference in taking your toast from lunchbox staple to something worthy of being served at an overpriced brunch restaurant in NYC under the name of “Golden Nectar Crostini” or something equally pretentious.

feta & olive oil toast |www.whatkumquat.comCRUMBLED FETA TOAST WITH A DRIZZLE OF OLIVE OIL

“We get it, you’re Greek”- every reader of this blog and 90% of my real-life friends.

But before you question why I put feta and olive oil on literally everything, you should know that the reason for this is that olive oil is the nectar of the gods and furthermore, it is explicitly written in our national anthem that all meals must be at least 40% feta. So essentially, this toast is performing a civic duty.

tzatziki & cucumber toast |www.whatkumquat.comSLICED CUCUMBERS ON TZATZIKI TOAST

Get the recipe for quick & easy tzatziki here, make it, then spread a thick layer over your toast for a deliciously creamy, garlicky experience. The cucumber is totally optional, but adds a crunch and some #health that might be necessary if your diet (like mine) is comprised mainly of carbs.


  1. These are all such yummy snack ideas! I will admit I almost snorted coffee out my nose at the “Golden Nectar Crostini”… bahahah. Pinning!

  2. That looks delicious! Now, a cuppa coffee with my toast! Thanks for sharing new ideas (:

    Steph x

  3. I love me some PB & banana. I had that last week-with the honey drizzle too!

  4. you’re the hostess with the mostest toast! great ideas. 🙂

  5. And now I’m gonna go have lunch!

  6. Yum! I’d be happy to come over for breakfast anytime!

  7. Yum! I definitely need to try some of these!!


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