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My very first pair of glasses were in second grade.

They were Harry Potter themed and included an extendable paper wand. I brought said wand to school every day and managed to convince the entirety of P2 that it would only work once we turned eleven, and that only people who were friends with me would be allowed to use it.

Fast forward 15 years and my glasses no longer come with a wand or strings attached to being my friend. But being essentially legally blind in one eye has created a series of obstacles for me, largely stemming from the fact that I hated wearing glasses.

I got contact lenses in the fifth grade after being told “I didn’t have the face for glasses” by multiple people (pretty hurts  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and have barely worn glasses since. Even when one of my contacts tears and I don’t have a replacement, I prefer to circulate squinting out of one eye like the reincarnation of Captain Hook rather than wear my glasses. It’s been quite the saga.
glasses street style | glasses street style |

I recently got the opportunity to work with Polette, a French eyewear company with some bomb designs. With no middle man and lenses ranging from $9,99 to $89, Polette is the leader on the French market. There are hundreds of designer frames and dozens of colour options, giving you free range to customize your eyeglasses or sunglasses to your little fashionista heart’s content. The online optician services offered on their website makes it super easy to be involved with every step of the process, resulting in some high-quality glasses entirely customized by you.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous pair (the “Abroad” frame in brown) to the point where I’ve started wearing them everyday… even to class, which is saying quite a bit for a narcissistic blogger who would rather fail a class than show up to lecture without all 300 of her midi rings.

Since I’m not someone who wears a lot of big jewelry, I’m using these glasses as my everyday statement accessory. I love the chic librarian vibe they give off. To me they say “I’m the kind of person who owns a polaroid camera and exclusively drinks arty lattes whilst wearing vintage bomber jackets”. Alternatively, they also say “I might be your grandmother”.

Either way, a win-win. I love them and am so glad I own them… AND NOW YOU CAN TOO!!

For the low low price of absolutely nothing, you too can be the proud owner of your very own pair of Polette glasses. To enter this giveaway, just follow these two basic steps:

  1. Follow Polette on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  2. Head over to the comments on this post and copy the link of the Polette frame you like best and the email address with which to contact you

After 10 days, the winner will be contacted! This contest is open internationally, so be sure to enter wherever you are.

Good luck to everyone! x

**This post is written in partnership with Polette. All opinions are 100% honest and my own because I do not sit on a throne of lies**

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  1. Polette is awesome! I’ve ordered from them previously! Great post!
    “Success” is my current favorite;

  2. I like these, the wood ones are so cool!

  3. I haven’t heard of Polette before, but I’d want this one: :]! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    P.S. I love your disclaimer; it made me snicker. <3

  4. Oh my, these are some super cute glasses + you rock them! Can’t wait to check out Polette!

    XO, Rachel

  5. Those glasses are super cute!! I’m with you on the hating glasses thing…and I do the same when my contact rips. Here’s to finding cute classes!

  6. Wow I love how the glasses look on you! You totally rock them 🙂 I also loved your story about the Harry Potter wand, I would be lying if I said I never did something like that too. Anyways, thank you for hosting this. If I by any chance get to win, I’d love this pair of glasses
    Good luck to everyone!
    Shipra (from the Blogging Elite)

  7. eleni vlachou
    fb:eleni vlachou
    twitter: @rose_eleni

  8. These glasses look amazing on you! I have no idea why anyone would say that you don’t have the face for glasses… you’re gorgeous! Just found your blog through the Blogging Elite today & I’m looking forward to reading more posts! xoxo

    Erin |

  9. Super cute!! I had glasses since the 6th grade and got lasik after college. But now I miss wearing glasses because I think they can be so cute!

  10. I used to have Harry Potter glasses as a kid too, they were purple (I still have them somewhere haha)

    I fell in love with these, they’re so artistic!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

    Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (venetia kamara)

  11. LOVE the look you put together and polette! I think I’d try something new (for me :)) and go the wire frame direction! Like the Copan Black:

    thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

    xo, Ingrid


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