A Christmas Cape

For this week’s blog post, I have elected to dress up as a giant Christmas tree. Tis the season, and all that.

On the real, I have been on the hunt for a good ol’ cape for the longest time; not a poncho, not a shawl, not even a bloncho (though I do love me a good bloncho). An honest-to-goodness, Red-Riding-Hood-esque cape. Chapter four in my pursuits of becoming Zorro.

And, as typically happens, after months of searching I finally found one buried in the back of my mother’s coat closet. It’s like Narnia in there.

But it’s perfect! I love love love the forest green colour and the length is perfect for keeping people guessing whether or not you’re wearing pants. Unfortunately for you it’s vintage so the exact same item can’t be found, but I’ve hunted around for a few more current options and found this Mango one, this Zara one, and this ASOS one. Go nuts.

Though capes are great for formal outerwear to any holiday parties you may have, they also work wonders for spicing up your average boring daily outfit. Consider the ripped boyfriend jeans and slip-ons look for example. Layer up a few cozy sweaters (no one will be able to see them, anyways) and pop on a cape for an easy statement piece that is sure to make you look like you’ve spent ages picking out an outfit. When in all actuality, you could be wearing a flannel thermal and your favourite tacky Goodwill sweater underneath and no one would know. It’s all about being covertly comfortable, ladies and gents. Covert fashion is all the rage here on WhatKumquat.

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  1. Stunning! I love the dark lip with this look as well…such a great combo!

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  2. gorgeous look! Love the cape – can’t believe you found it in your mom’s closet – so great! I need one 😀

    stop by and chat with me ♥ http://storybookapothecary.com

  3. Perfect!! I saw your profile on Lookbook and then found your blog, I love your style 🙂 Great blog!


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