Look of the Week: 22 July 2015

So, I’m broke.

I am an unpaid intern coming off a year of travelling Europe with an unfortunate habit of buying overpriced turtleneck sweaters. And as a result, I have about $2000 to my name… so, not really entirely broke, but broke enough to be dramatic about it.

So what’s a fashion-loving 21-year-old to do when she can’t shop for summer trends? Either shop family member’s closets (often against their will) (sorry mamma) (I will return everything eventually) or DIY the aforementioned trends herself.

Luckily, I am blessed to be the spawn of a Greek woman who kept many of her old clothes (think: lots of 70s/80s/90s trends and a bunch of euro-chic stuff, AKA things that are once again on trend), so my closet-shopping is a relatively easy and fun task. My mother is in possession of an army of shoulder-padded articles of clothing -this cool oversized navy blazer being one of them- as well as many of my other favourite trends. I paired her old blazer with one of her old t-shirts and a pair of cutoff vintage Levis I found at a thrift store for circa $7 and DIY’ed myself. Call me Martha Stewart. If Martha Stewart wore jorts. (God I hope not)

And then I cheated a little bit with my Marshalls-bought slip-on sneakers, because I refuse to wear second-hand shoes. You gotta compromise somewhere.

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  1. Thrifting is fun because it challenges you more to come up with an outfit that fits your style. Plus it’s better for the planet. I agree on shoes, while I’m on the look out for vintage shoes, if they are ones I plan to wear for a long time or walk a lot I want new shoes.

    • Exactly! There’s a different standard of cleanliness I want when it comes to shoes haha… but other than that, thrifting is probably the greatest way to find unique pieces. Plus the prices are 1000x better than anything you’ll find at a mall.

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