Look of the Week: 17 July 2015

Black & White is a timeless combination paralleled only by Meryl Streep & Oscars.

So when I’m running late or just running out of clothes (a surprisingly reoccurring phenomenon given my 2,5 closets full of perfectly wearable clothing), my go-to is this neutral colour combo.

Today’s look is something I like to think is grunge-chic, except upon reflection it’s missing a lot of the key “grunge” element. To make it more so, I would have added a leather jacket; however I have none, so I’ve instead added “leather jacket” to my wishlist. I do love the heeled booties and metal hardware jewelry combination though, and I think they toughen up the look and make it more street (I hate myself for using that as a descriptor, but it’s the only thing that fits) than girly. Plus they add a lot to an otherwise boring outfit.

IMG_7676 IMG_7681 IMG_7689 IMG_7698 IMG_7702 IMG_7706 IMG_7716 IMG_7728 IMG_7729 IMG_7738 IMG_7771 IMG_7785 IMG_7790


  1. Love this outfit, so simple yet so chic. I love the picture of you twirling!



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