Packing Tips: Or, How To Fit All Your Crap In Limited Space

For what seems like the 5000th time this year, I’m moving. Again.

My time in London has come to an end, and with it wraps my year abroad. There will be time for a sentimental post later (maybe), but for now, I don’t have time for sentiments. There is a much more pressing matter, and that is trying to fit a year’s worth of souvenirs, of sweaters, of shoes, and of electronics adaptors into 2,5 suitcases and an ailing Longchamp tote.

Shipping things is entirely out of the question, due largely to the fact that I’m broke, so I have made it my mission to pack everything with the care and undivided focus of a bomb squad member. Read on for some of my tips on packing your life away into limited space and not exceed the weight limit.

1) Roll everything

I’m not talking sloppy rolls here; use the knowledge you gained from your days of folding laundry as a chore and make sure everything is tightly rolled, taking up as little space as possible. Generally speaking, start with bulkier items (sweaters, jeans) on the bottom as those are bigger rolls, and fill up the smaller spaces by rolling up thin tank tops or shorts.

2) Spread it out

Yeah, it might make sense for you to put all your heavier items in one suitcase so you know exactly where everything is when you unpack… but that won’t work weight-wise. You need to spread the weight evenly among your suitcases (if you have more than one).

3) Pack heavier items in your carry-on

Pro tip: they don’t weight carry ons! Well, not unless you’re flying EasyJet or an airline with similar Nazi-strict policies. So stuff all your heavy items in here (electronics, for example) and you’ve just saved yourself from 10 kilos of stress.

4) Stuff your shoes

This has been a LIFE SAVER. Stuff underwear, socks, and bathing suits (as well as smaller breakables) into your shoes. Not only will you free up tons of space, but putting things like jewelry bags or tiny bowls into your shoes among socks will ensure that everything makes it to your destination in one piece.


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