WhatKumquat’s Guide To: Mykonos

Greece is the country where the food is always bomb, the streets are more photogenic than anything ever seen in Nat Geo, and the after-dinner sweets/shots are free. In the words of the prophet Gus: “There are two kinds of people in this world. Greeks, and everyone else who wishes they was Greek.”

I spent the majority of my spring break back in the homeland this year, celebrating Easter in Athens before heading to the islands for what I hoped would be a wonderful beach vacation. First up was Mykonos.

Well, it was wonderful, but beach vacation it was not. Similar to Ibiza but with way friendlier (and unfortunately, hairier) people, Mykonos is pretty dead during off-season. Not only that, but one day it was legitimately freezing and most of the day was therefore spent eating. Which to be honest I have zero complaints about.

It is absolutely beautiful though, and one of my favourite islands. It was calmer in off-season, and since we were three girls travelling in the middle of April, I wasn’t really looking for a Tomorrowland-esque experience anyway.

We stayed in the absolutely BEST hotel that we found on Airbnb called Pension Marias. It’s walking distance to both the port and the town, comes with free breakfast, is really well decorated, and is incredibly cheap. And to top it all off, it’s run by the sweetest people ever. Seriously, I want them to adopt me so I can help run their bed and breakfast and traipse barefoot around the island all day sipping fresh orange juice. Which is both incredibly unhygienic and unrealistic, and has nothing to do with the point of this post, so I’m going to leave it here with a few pictures of the hotel.

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As far as things to do, I can’t advise on the nightlife scene because the most drunk we ever got was at dinner (livin LARGE), but there are many beautiful beaches. Obviously, because it’s Greece. We went to Paragas, which is on the part of the island near a lot of the other famous beaches. Some, like Paradise, turn into massive day clubs during peak season.

Which might have been fun, but I’ll NEVER KNOW.

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Besides beaching, drinking, and eating, there is not much else to do. Walk around xwra (chora in English… I think? basically it’s the town centre), where there is just photogenic street after photogenic street of little boutiques, bars, and restaurants. The white walls make the perfect backdrop for a @foodintheair Instagram.

Or an outfit picture (or 70).

11271431_946726292093418_810165407_o 11271265_946726338760080_2061054706_n 11268356_946726192093428_1262467440_o 11249441_946726312093416_404427720_o 11235261_946726585426722_63223384_o 11233245_946726242093423_95782654_o 11211826_946726285426752_939927313_oIMG_5368 IMG_5423 3 2 IMG_5363 IMG_5325

I wish I could have stayed longer, but looming final exams and a more pressing boat ticket to Santorini made that impossible.

It’s times like these that I’m eternally grateful I’m Greek and can go to places like these whenever I want to, and not from some desolate place with awful food that I dread returning to.

Like Scotland.


IMG_535211265814_946726148760099_2052437534_o 11262985_946726152093432_82117392_o 11254683_946726572093390_151089519_o 11248794_946726165426764_131324032_o 11242775_946726282093419_510484513_o 11094859_946726265426754_2085697654_o 11225769_946726198760094_1302457555_n 11235111_946726388760075_498095272_o

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