The Snack Series: Fried PB&J&B Sandwich


Finals procrastination means that I eat. By that, I mean a lot more than usual: I’m amazingly good at stress-eating, and the things I come up with in my hunger-induced hazes are either genius or absolutely disgusting.

I once had a cashier ask me if I was high because I was at the supermarket at 11:30 buying mayonnaise, tortilla chips, chicken, and Siracha. I wasn’t, but I did have a paper due at 9am that I hadn’t yet started.

Anyway, it’s a well-known fact that everything tastes better fried. And it’s also a well-known fact that peanut butter cures everything.

Unless you have a nut allergy, then you’re pretty SOL.

This started off innocently enough with a simple PB&J sandwich. Then, as with most of my culinary adventures, it became a game of “let’s use up everything in the fridge and also see how ridiculously unhealthy we can make this”. Which resulted in an added banana, some honey, and a lot of butter. And, ultimately, a fried sandwich that would make Elvis proud.

Happy finals!  

Fried PB&J&B (peanut butter and jelly and banana) Sandwiches

-2 slices of thick bread (avoid pre-sliced bread and use the crusty stuff, it tastes 1000x better)
Peanut butter
Jam of your choice
1 banana
Drizzle of honey

Spread the peanut butter on both slices, then add jam to both of them. To uphold the integrity of the sandwich, try to keep the jam as close to the centre as possible, or else you run the risk of all of it dripping out and THAT would be a calamity. Slice up a banana as thinly as possible and place the pieces around the bread and drizzle some honey on top. Spread butter on each slice liberally cause there’s no turning back now, and fry your beautiful creation until golden brown on both sides.



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