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Monday’s look resulted in a lot of “what the hell is on your head?” from those less likely to see my head scarf as fashion forward and more likely to see it as stupid.

However, those people are also the kind of people that wear flip flops in the winter or brightly coloured tights with heels (who are you, Blair Waldorf? Gossip Girl ended years ago. Let. It. Go). So I am significantly less inclined to take their opinions into consideration.

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Tying things in or around your hair has been in style in various forms for years- bandanas, scarves, ribbons… all serve the same purpose: to make you look chic and like you put in effort while in reality the hairstyle took two seconds and its real purpose it to cover up second (or third, or fourth) day hair.

Case in point: this silk scarf. I tied it in a way that miraculously covers up the dirtier, flatter parts of my hair- God, I miss dry shampoo- while still leaving enough hair out so that I don’t look bald.

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Head scarves are reminiscent of old Hollywood and the fashion of that era. If I’m being honest, most of the reason I love them so much has to do with the fact that I’ve stalked enough Audrey Hepburn pictures, interviews, and films to know that they were a favourite of hers. And as far as I’m concerned, if they’re good enough for my idol, they’re good enough for me.

I paired mine with a mustard yellow sweater (which I may have to start wearing only in my house seeing as I passed at least three girls wearing THE EXACT SAME ONE ugh such are the problems of living in a country where people actually give a shit about fashion) that complemented the colours in the scarf, a pair of black slim jeans, and black booties. Simple, so as not to detract from the scarf.

Though I honestly don’t think anything short of me wearing a taco onesie could detract from the scarf. It’s not often that you see a 180cm-tall white girl in the 21st century strutting around with a glorified turban.

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Scarf- vintage// Sweater- H&M// Skinny jeans- Marshalls?// Booties- Cotton On// Hoops- Greece


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