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Tis the season for pinterest-inspired sweaters, heavily filtered coffee Instagrams, and pretending you are outdoorsy via carefully planned expeditions into nature with the aim of taking at least one picture involving you and leaves/a pumpkin.

In other words, tis Fall.

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For me, this means the return of the turtleneck. This trend that is vaguely reminiscent of your 3rd grade LL Bean wearing days is one I will defend until the day I die. Thankfully, turtlenecks are now Vogue-validated, giving way to a barrage of the style in every single store in every single texture, cut, and pattern imaginable.

While I love tight-fitting turtlenecks that create a chic, sleek look (especially when paired with some kind of an updo), I think my favourite way to wear the trend is in the form of a chunky sweater. I own way too many and wear them way too often, but I don’t care: it’s like wearing a scarf without the added burden of constantly re-arranging it.

Besides comfort, another reason why turtlenecks are so great is their versatility.

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You can easily go the casual route with a pair of skinny jeans or cigarette pants and a pair of flats, or you can add a skirt to balance out the chunky upper half of your outfit.

I chose a leather miniskirt that I bought a while ago, thinking it was a great investment. It might still be, but not for summer: you would be surprised (or not) at how difficult it is to style a tight leather skirt with a tank top, crop top, or any summer shirt for that matter without looking like a 21st century, trashier version of Sandy from Grease.

However, it looks a lot better paired with an oversized sweater like this one from H&M, some tights, and a pair of over the knee boots. Traditional-meets-modern. Or something like that.

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Turtleneck sweater- H&M// Skirt- Garage// Tights- Forever 21// Boots- JustFab// Ring- NYC vendor

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