Week Eight: in which I go to Brussels


I have a good reason for not posting anything in weeks, and that reason is that I have been slowly but surely eating my way to obesity and spending my way to poverty via my fall break, which entailed visiting three cities. We went to Brussels first, then Lisbon, then ended up the vacation in Barcelona. Each city was an entirely different experience, and the whole thing is kind of turning into a blur, so I’m going to document it now that I finally have wifi before I forget it all.

Starting with BRUSSELS:

Noteworthy Food:

Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels

You cannot go to Brussels without eating a waffle. I’m pretty sure they won’t let you through airport security otherwise. They’re EVERYWHERE, they’re CHEAP, and they’re SO DAMN GOOD, a combination which makes it dangerously easy to eat solely waffles while you’re in Brussels. You can put literally anything on them: I got three (& yes, I was there for three days. Judge me), and two were with only whipped cream and nutella (“only”). I branched out with the last one and added Speculous, which if you don’t know what that is first of all where have you been and second of all you need to try it ASAP. It’s cookie butter, and it apparently comes from Belgium. ASKDAJSLKDJ so gooooood. I miss it.

The other noteworthy foods are actually brunch places: one more traditionally French/Belgian and one more trendy. The first place is Chez Jacques, a tiny café serving brunch formules with really simple but really good food. I got an orange juice, a coffee, and entire baguette (yep) with five jams and chocolate toppings for 6 euro. The second brunch place is a little embarrassing to admit, because it’s a bagel place. Yes. I went all the way to Brussels for a bagel. But it’s not just any bagel place: besides regular bagels, you can literally get an entire salad on a bagel (although why you would actually want that is beyond me) or a burger on a bagel (more my type). I panicked and got a regular bagel with cream cheese, but my friend bought this ridiculously photogenic one pictured here. The place is called APDM. Go.

Touristy things:

Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels

1- Royal Palace of Brussels- not sure if you can actually go inside or not (you probably can), but it was close to our Airbnb so we passed it every day and it looks regal (ha get it) af. There’s a really cute little park with a gazebo right across from it, so you have somewhere scenic to go to enjoy your waffles.

2- Mannekin Pis-aka much ado about a tiny statue of a peeing child. It’s touristy, it’s small, and the only reason I would ever go see it again was cause it was right next to a great waffle vendor.

3- Chocolate- Chocolate tasting? check. Chocolate museum? check. Wandering into chocolatier shops in the hopes of stealing samples? check. In a place famous for their chocolate, it’s impossible to go to Brussels and not try some. There is some really good hot chocolate in Pierre Marcolini chocolatier that tastes like liquid Lindt truffles aka heaven in a 2.50 euro disposable cup.

4- Beer tasting- There is a place called Delirium Café that has a World Record for most varieties of beer sold. They literally give you a menu the size of a phone book with everything from regular beer to something called Cookie Beer (regrettably not as good as it sounds) to fruit-flavoured beer.

5- Grande Place- strategically located near all the waffles and restaurants (can you see my priorities here), this is the big famous square in the centre of Brussels.

Other photos:

Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels

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