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I’ve been compensating for my complete lack of a boyfriend by wearing my boyfriend jeans basically 24/7.

These jeans are probably one of my favourite trends lately for so many reasons.

They’re loose-fitting, making them perfect for days where you ate one too many pieces of pizza (or if you’re like me, you ate an entire pizza) and fitting into your skinny jeans just isn’t in the cards.

They can be styled with blazers and heels for dressier looks or with the bottom rolled up and a t-shirt for days where you dgaf and want the world to know how chill you are.

And best of all, they’re comfortable. They’re baggy and stretchy and you don’t have to keep pulling them up every two seconds. Boyfriend jeans are God’s gift to the fashion world. They are the sweatpants of jeans and I love them.

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For reasons unknown, my Thursday class has been cancelled until the middle of November (#France), so I now find myself blessed with a four day weekend every week. While this usually entails me spending most of Thursday- and Friday, if I’m being honest- in bed watching Scandal, I decided to be productive and go run some last minute errands today before I leave for a week of travelling.

A week until the beginning of November, it’s finally starting to get cold in Lyon, so I wore a comfortable black sweater with my boyfriend jeans. In order for me not to look like I was wearing a potato sack, I cuffed the jeans and threw on a pair of black heeled ankle booties to balance out the bulkier outfit. These are from Cotton On and I LOVE them: they’re not too tall and the stacked heel is wide enough so that I can actually walk for more than 10 minutes in these without feeling like I need foot transplants. Are foot transplants a thing? Idk.. anyway the point is these are really effing comfortable and if you find a good pair of heeled ankle booties, BUY THEM. They’re going to become a staple in your fall wardrobe, I guarantee it.

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Sweater- Forever 21// Jeans- Target (I know right)// Booties- Cotton On

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  1. Love it. Cute look, and couldn’t agree more about ankle boots – they’re closet gold.



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