15.10.14: the staple LBD

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Back to black (again).

I bought this dress months ago from Missguided, my new favourite online store, after searching for something similar to a dress I saw on Pinterest eons ago. That, my friends, is true dedication, matched only by my refusal to leave Christians on a Friday night, even if the line is out the door.

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I encountered a slight flaw in my grand plan to wear this dress every day of my life the second I tried it on and realised it barely covered my butt. This is why I hate being tall. This, and the fact that I have to come up with creative poses for photos (I refuse to squat) so that my head isn’t cut out of every Instagram I’m tagged in.

However, there is no way my height and the complete lack of appropriate length were going to stop me from wearing what I considered the find of the century. You know the feeling you get when you find EXACTLY what you’ve been searching for for months? That thing buried at the bottom of your Notes app? That’s how I felt when I found this dress, the daytime LBD that could be styled 50 million ways and didn’t cost 15 million dollars. A wonderfully triumphant feeling paralleled only by how I assume Einstein felt about gravity.

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The trick to wearing things you 115% should probably not wear in public is balance.

Dress too short? Wear over-the-knee socks or boots. That flannel that’s a men’s XXL you purchased for $1.50 at a flea market and looks like it was retrieved from a homeless man? Throw it over a more feminine dress or a form-fitting skirt. The tight leather skirt that seemed like a good idea at the time but now just looks like you moonlight as a dominatrix? Pair it with a boxy sweater and you too could look like a trendy Martha Stewart.

Moral of the story: don’t ever online shop. It never ends well.

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 Dress- Missguided// Boots- JustFab.com//Tights- H&M// Sunglasses- Nordstr

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