IMG_0960 IMG_0963 IMG_0977 Today’s outfit was inspired by one of the last places I would usually seek fashion inspiration from: the wardrobe of 40 year old women.

Maybe this is because living in France is like living in a fashion show that never ends and maybe it’s because I drastically underpacked and am running out of clothing combinations, but when you live in a place where even 6 year olds are constantly one-upping you in the fashion department you start to think more creatively about potential outfits.

I constantly people-watch. It’s my favourite hobby. If there were ever a competition for people-watching, I would place in the top 3 for sure.

So on my daily walks to class, the metro, and the bakery, I can’t help but notice what people of all ages and styles are wearing. Lyon is a very bourgeoisie city, and as such its citizens always dress impeccably, with every detail perfected and every item costing at least as much as a years’ supply of Nutella. The women have a very preppy style: lots of button downs, neutral colours, and sweaters paired with a simple pair of flats or low booties.

Lucky for me, I basically only own neutrals (cheetah print is a neutral, I don’t care what anyone says), so recreating French fashion is fairly easy. Layering sweaters with button-downs is big here with middle aged women who look like they’ve descended from a JCrew catalogue. I like to think that my own style is pretty far removed from preppy, but I do own a chambray shirt; I paired it with white jeans and a white, oversized sweater. To make it a little more youthful, I added red lips and cheetah print flats.

IMG_0970 IMG_0986 IMG_0966

I’m still not entirely sure if I actually like how this turned out, but considering the only people that saw me today were my host family and my friend Lindsay, it doesn’t really matter. The point I’m trying to get at here is that if you’re ever in a fashion rut or lacking inspiration, it’s so easy to pull out elements from a style you see (on the street, in a magazine, on Pinterest, wherever) and personalize it to fit your wardrobe and your own style.

Just remember to stay away from culottes. And rhinestones. Those are trends that -thankfully- died with Limited Too and there is no need to bring them back.

IMG_0985 IMG_0968

Sweater- thrifted// Jeans- American Eagle// Chambray shirt- Garage// Ring- NYC vendor// Flats- Target// Sunglasses- Timberland// Scrunchy- my youth


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