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I have this weird obsession with walls.

Specifically, photogenic walls. I don’t discriminate: doors, garages (which is what I’m pretty sure the background of these photos is), store windows, subway stations… if it’ll look good in photos, you better believe I’m going to drop everything and spend a good 15 minutes photographing it, much to the general annoyance of whomever I am with. When I found this particular wall covered in graffiti, a friend and I were in search of lunch on a very busy street, and I made her stop (yes, I even put off food. hold your gasps) and photograph me amidst all the pedestrians and the cars. I probably definitely looked either ridiculously narcissistic, touristy, or mad (probably a mix of the three), but oh well. Such is the life of a fashion blogger.

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One of the best parts of Europe is the abundance of street art. It’s too bad that Americans have this perception of it as vandalism; it’s viewed almost as a symbol of poverty and run-down neighborhoods. It has become a symbol of status to live in pure, clean, uniform areas, and in a country where status and perception is everything, who would want to live in a neighborhood where there are murals and graffiti on every street?

Society has a way of shunning anything remotely different, anything that might stand out. I personally think that the street art exhibited in places like Lyon, Rome, or Athens is what gives character to the city. I love that no two streets are alike.

Plus, it makes photographing my outfits a lot more interesting.

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Cardigan- Vintage// Grey shirt- Urban Outfitters// Skirt- H&M// Boots- JustFab


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