Week 3 in Lyon: French dancing at its finest

I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks! For the amount of time I’ve been here I feel like I should have a better understanding of the country. But for now, the only thing I’ve mastered is how to properly order a quiche. Which, if you ask me, is arguably the only skill you really need to survive in France.

This has got to be the most boring video/post ever to grace WhatKumquat, and for that I am sorry. It’s all due to the fact that I started classes this week, all of which happen to be -surprise- in French. The school system here is also the most disorganized thing I’ve ever witnessed in my young life. And I’m Greek, so that’s saying something.

Anyway, since I’ve been more stressed this past week than I have been in my entire life (and that’s counting the SAT, college apps, and the panic felt when you realise you’ve missed Domino’s delivery hours by 15 minutes), I didn’t film or photograph many noteworthy things.

I did however go to a dance festival, which promised to be “iconic, traditional, and the highlight of the year in Lyon”.

I don’t know what weird, twisted “traditional” the Lyonnaise had in mind though because that terrifying hand puppet procession is definitely not what dreams are made of. It lasted like 20 minutes and featured group after group of bizarre Styrofoam puppets that vaguely resembled Squidward being twirled around by hundreds of overly-enthusiastic French people. I didn’t even know they sold that many massive Styrofoam balls in France.

I also apparently took one singular picture this week, and this is it:
le-rhone-lyon-whatkumquatI promise there is more to Lyon than just the river; it’s just that for some reason I always seem to take 500 pictures of it, forgetting about the 500 I already have. I haven’t even photographed my food in a week. France has changed me.


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