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Someone very stupid and probably white, rich, and now dead once said “don’t wear white after Labor Day”. It’s a rule that’s always seemed a bit aristocratic and douchey and inapplicable to me. Probably because the only people that actually follow it are either a) the elderly or b) those who “summer in the Hamptons” and list horse races and having fall boyfriends as favourite hobbies.

The monochromatic look has always been a go-to for me because it’s easy (breezy, beautiful) and timeless. Generally, I go for all black looks because it’s #chic. Also because I am about as graceful as a two year old and constantly spill coffee and food- sometimes not even my own- on me and everything around me. Black covers that up wonderfully.

Note: I mean neutral monochromatic looks. If you plan on circulating dressed in head to toe purple, get off the streets and into a therapist’s office.

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That being said, another reason I gravitate towards monochromatic ensembles is because they provide a good base for anything extra and make accessories pop. Here I wanted to look more understated, and wore massive gold clip-on earrings with a pale red lip. The jacket I chose is still a relatively neutral colour, which I like because it doesn’t detract from the accessories or the all-white outfit.

Jacket- Stradivarius// Top- J Crew// Shorts- Marshalls// Earrings- vintage Greek// Sandals- Monastiraki, Athens// Bag- Target

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