Week 2 in Lyon: Getting Lost & Finding Cheese

This week marked the last week of my “Prune”, or the 2 week orientation period. Basically, every exchange student has to take an intensive class to start getting accustomed to the fact that the French write everything in Comic Sans, essays are not really essays, and everyone speaks French 24/7.  We get credit for this, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s great; only problem is I accidentally signed myself up for the “sustainable living” class. I must’ve blacked out or something because there is no way that sane Elly would have willingly signed up to go composting for two weeks (I wish I were joking), but at least it’s over and now I can go back to irresponsibly using water bottles and not separating my fruit peels. Throw caution to the wind and maybe buy a non-organic lemon.

Watch my video diary to see what else happened. You also have the pleasure of witnessing potentially the most awkward thing of your lives (me trying to film myself in public while juggling beer and a rapidly declining sense of social decency). Only Lyon, amirite or amirite???


cheese tasting in Lyon, France |whatkumquat.com This was the cheese that spurred my drunken quest for dairy products. We tried it when we went to the wine-tasting (organic, of course) and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. I actually hate French cheese (blasphemous, I know) but this is SO good. It’s called “fertoise”; maybe if you live near a particularly chic Trader Joes you might have some luck finding it. Otherwise I suggest booking a trip to Lyon, because it’s actually worth the hundreds of $$ it would take to get there.

We also visited the Basilique de Fourviere, a massive Basilica on an inconveniently tall hill surrounded by “gardens”. I actually only spent 10 minutes inside the church and a good 30 lost alone in nature. Anyone who knows me knows what a bad experience that was for me, since the closest I’ll willingly go to nature is a farmer’s market.

fourviere-lyon-whatkumquat fourviere-lyon-whatkumquat fourviere-lyon-whatkumquatThey confiscated my camera battery at the soccer game, so I couldn’t take any photos of me in my element as a passionate Lyonnaise fan. Surprising, since literally nothing is illegal in this country… you wouldn’t think a camera would be so negatively received. It’s not like I was smuggling in UGGs or something equally offensive to the French, I was just trying to get an Instagram out of it.



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