Week 1 in the Land of Fancy Cheese and Berets (Lyon!)


I’ve always been interested in video production, editing, etc.. I remember being like 10 and forcing my brothers to help me film cooking videos or coercing my best friend into making high-quality rap music videos with me. Though my career as esteemed head background dancer (actually, I was the only one) of the Backseat Band might have met an untimely death, I still love film as a story-telling medium. Problem is, I’m complete shit at using technology, so bear with me as I figure out how to use movie editing software and not feel like a complete idiot video-taping myself in public.

Since I am studying for the year abroad in Lyon (this fall) and London (next spring), I decided that if there was ever a time to film my daily life, now would be it seeing as my daily life at UVA just consists of a lot of dumplings, Scandal, and trips on the bus system. Hopefully I can keep this up for long enough that by the end of the year, I’ll have a video diary of notable moments in each week. May the odds be ever in my favour.

But to my 17 loyal followers- don’t worry!!!!! Stay calm!!! I’m not forsaking photography; here is a photo diary of my first week in France:
lyon-whatkumquat lyon-whatkumquat
I went to the farmer’s market at Croix-Russe in the hopes of finding some quiche since I am not provided with meals on the weekend and the only food I have left is the Nature Valley bar they gave me on the plane and I’m hoarding in case of emergency. I left with a bag full of free fruit (I think this is the nicest the French have been to me since my arrival) and a sudden urge to cook something impressive with fresh produce.

le-marche-croix-rousse-lyon img_0152 le-marche-croix-rousse-lyon le-marche-croix-rousse-lyon le-marche-croix-rousse-lyon le-marche-croix-rousse-lyon

Then I remembered that my cooking skills are limited to variations of oatmeal and maybe some pasta, gave up, and went to buy a pre-made croissant.

elly-leavitt-whatkumquat french-breakfast-lyon-whatkumquat

I live in a massive apartment right on the Rhône river, which is home to numerous cigarettes, a few pissed off swans, and 90% of the French population that must all be alcoholics because every night they are all gathered around the river drinking until it gets late enough to merit a kebab.

french-interior-design-whatkumquat lyon-whatkumquat

I’m on the 4th floor on a pretty busy street, giving me the privilege of overhearing some serious heated conversations of the sad, drunk, and French. It’s great. On Saturday an older couple got into an argument about how to properly deal with a rogue pigeon.

Which is ok when this is your view:
first week in lyon

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