Started From The Bottom Now I Won Something

In news that has shocked pretty much everyone I’ve told (clearly I’ve got a really good support system), WhatKumquat is moving up in the world of internet fame and was nominated **twice** for something called the Leebster Award. Actually, maybe it’s the Liebster Award. Whatever, it sounds foreign. Which automatically makes it sound legit.

I’m pretty positive this is akin to winning the “good effort” award for third grade gym, but hey, I’m not going to question any form of recognition and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve peaked.

The two blogs that nominated me are coffeeanddaria and theyellowcoat, run by some very lovely ladies that I’m sure have their shit together a lot more than I do, so to my 17 loyal followers + my mother reading this: go check them out!


Thank the person who gave you the Liebster Award nomination and link their blog to your post.
Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
Nominate 11 bloggers for the award.  The bloggers must have 200 followers or fewer.
Create 11 questions to ask your nominees.
Let your nominees know you nominated them once you’ve posted about your Liebster Award.
Add the Liebster Award badge to your blog!

Ok so it’s definitely Liebster Award. Oops.

Since I was nominated twice and don’t really want to do 22 questions for your sake and mine, I’ve gone through and picked 11 of the most interesting questions.

1. What’s your favorite fashion find of all time? (currently in your closet) I want to say something trendy that would make people believe I’m a fashion blogger, like my vintage leather tote bag from like 200 (or 40) years ago which I’m too scared to wear ever, but in all honesty it would be something from Goodwill that I wear every day. My Christmas cat sweater and green corduroy leggings are strong contenders.

2. What inspires you to blog?… The hope that one day I can attend fashion week and/or get reposted on Infatuation.

3. …and what/who inspires your personal style? My personal style is in a bit of an identity crisis: everything from men’s fashion to 90s-Fresh-Prince to Audrey Hepburn to Italian street style inspires me. Also whatever’s on my Pinterest homepage.

4. What do you always pack with you when you go on vacation? Clothes and shoes differ depending on where I’m going, but I’m neurotic about always bringing splenda with me. I’m like an 80 year old woman and I steal splenda from every restaurant I go into because you never know when you’re going to need it!

5. What is something that you can never live without? Oxygen ranks pretty high (ha I’m hilarious). But I would give up my firstborn child rather than give up bread.

6. If you could be any character in any movie, what character in what movie would you be? Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind because duh, Clark Gable.

7. If I was to look in your closet, what would I see most of? Black. I constantly look like I’m going to a funeral.

8. Ideal vacation place? AUSTRALIA seriously I will marry whoever I have to to get there.

9. The Simpsons, Family Guy, or “Cartoons aren’t my thing…” ? I hate animated things and especially have no patience for cartoons aimed at adults. Fun fact: I also really hate Disney movies, but I prefer to keep that to myself cause I’m pretty sure I would be shot by any sorority girl within a 20 mile radius if I mentioned my disdain for Frozen.

10. Favourite blogger? Look Sharp, Sconnie; the girl’s hilarious and has hair to die for. Also Chrissy Teigen’s blog makes me about pee myself laughing.

11. What is your dream job? Beyoncé, and anyone who says that isn’t their dream job is either lying or senile.

OK now I nominate:

Brooklyn’s Vogue, Rumour Has It, The Blonde Historian, T.W.O, Tea Cup + Jeans, Spoken With Style, Style Gone Rogue, Zhours, Brunette’s Secret, Diary of Two Brunettes, and  Tailored and True.

You have 24 hours.

Just kidding, but that seemed fitting.

Questions From Me To You:

1. Describe your blog in one word and that word CANNOT be fashionable cause that’s a cop-out.

2. What is your favourite trend of all time..

3. ..And what is a trend that, in your opinion, should have died yesterday?

4. If you could attend one show for NYFW which would you pick?

5. Who/what is your fashion icon?

6. What is your favourite quote?

7. “My Strange Addiction”:______

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?

9. If you could be anyone for one day who would you be? (**cough cough** Beyoncé)

10. What’s your five year plan?

11. What’s your hidden (or not-so-hidden) talent?


peace n blessings,

Elly xx


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